This is a roadmap for entry into Paris. Random thoughts before a meeting do that we can all focus on each minute as we see necessary, or omit some for later discussion so that we do not loose valuable time and only concentrate on main issues. 

The product segmentation  we need to think about are




Creating a roadmap for Paris to align with our Instagram-focused advertising plan involves

  1. coordination in marketing,
  2. logistics,
  3. customer service,
  4. Parisian set up

Here’s a general roadmap to guide your agent and ensure our cohesive strategy:

These are initial thoughts for our Thursday pre meeting minutes/notes. We should focus on each step, change and adjust this roadmap as we go and if we plan to go forward. 

Phase 1: Preliminary Setup

1.    Understanding the Parisian Market:

Conduct market research to understand the preferences and behaviors of our target audience in France, specifically women who already own a diamond ring. I believe we should start with pendant, earrings that need no adjustment/resizing. I could be wrong…

2.    Instagram Account Setup:

Establish a dedicated Instagram account for our French market. Optimize the profile with a compelling bio, high-quality profile picture, and relevant contact information. (Kaan)

3.    Instagram Account Setup:

Establish a dedicated Instagram account for our French market. Optimize the profile with a compelling bio, high-quality profile picture, and relevant contact information. (Kaan)

Phase 2: Content Creation

  1. Product Photoshoot:

    • We should organize a professional photoshoot for your earrings and pendants. Ensure that the visuals are consistent with the aesthetic preferences of your target audience in France. (Ezgi)
  2. Content Calendar:

    • Develop a content calendar outlining the types of posts, captions, and themes for your Instagram feed. Plan content that highlights the emotional and sentimental economical and clever aspects of owning additional diamond pieces.
  3. French Language Integration:

    • We should ensure that all written content, including captions and comments, is in French to create a more personalized and local feel. (Wafa)

Phase 3: Collaboration and Marketing

  1. Influencer Collaboration:

    • Identify and reach out to French influencers or bloggers with a significant following among your target audience. Collaborate on content that showcases our earrings and pendants. (may or may not be necessary)
  2. Instagram Ads:

    • Create targeted Instagram ads specifically tailored to the French market. Utilize Instagram’s ad targeting options to reach women in France interested in jewelry.
  3. Engagement Strategies:

    • Implement engagement strategies and interactive stories to foster a sense of community and encourage user participation. Need to analyze instagram profiles that are market leaders in France.

Phase 4: Logistics and Customer Service

  1. Shipping and Logistics Planning:

    • We need to collaborate with reliable shipping partners to ensure efficient and secure delivery from Turkey to France. Clearly communicate shipping times and any associated costs.
  2. Customer Service Setup:

    • Establish a system for customer inquiries and support. This may include a dedicated email or direct messaging system on Instagram. Ensure prompt and helpful responses.
    • Web Setup:
      • Forms and language

Phase 5: Monitoring and Adjustment

  1. Analytics and Feedback:

    • We need to monitor Instagram analytics to assess the performance of your content and ads. Gather feedback from customers and followers to identify areas for improvement.
  2. Adjusting Strategy:

    • Based on analytics and feedback, we need to make adjustments to oour content strategy, influencer collaborations, and advertising approach as needed.

Phase 6: Collaboration with Paris Office

  1. Regular Communication:

    • Maintain open communication with our office rep/agent in Paris. Provide updates on marketing initiatives, product availability, and any changes in strategy.
  2. Coordinate Sales and Promotion:

    • Coordinate sales events or promotions with our Paris agent. Ensure that promotions align with our Instagram content and advertising strategy.
  3. Feedback Loop:

    • We need to establish a feedback loop with our Paris agent to gather insights into local market trends, customer preferences, and any logistical challenges.

This roadmap provides a general framework for coordinating marketing efforts, logistics, and customer service between our main office in Turkey and your agent in Paris.

We need to adapt and refine the plan based on ongoing performance analysis and feedback from the French market.

UNSOLVED issues that I have not thought about

  1. red tape in France
  2. import restrictions obstacles
  3. payment gateways
  4. do we need a company or not?


Competitive Analysis Framework:

  1. Identify Key Competitors:

    • We need to research and identify the major players in the French diamond ring market. Look for both traditional jewelry retailers and online platforms. (WAFA)
  2. Market Share and Positioning:

    • We need to determine the market share of each key player and understand their positioning in terms of pricing, target audience, and brand image. (WAFA)
  3. Product Range and Differentiation:

    • We need to analyze the product offerings of each competitor. Evaluate the diversity of diamond ring styles, quality, and any unique selling points or differentiators. (WAFA)
  4. Pricing Strategy:

    • We need to examine the pricing strategies employed by competitors. Identify whether they position themselves as luxury brands (BEST), mid-range (BETTER), or offer budget-friendly options (GOOD).
  5. Sales Channels:

    • We need to investigate the sales channels used by competitors. This includes brick-and-mortar stores, online platforms, instagram and any exclusive partnerships. (WAFA)
  6. Online Presence:

    • Evaluate the online presence of key players. Examine their websites, e-commerce functionality, and engagement on social media platforms, especially Instagram. (WAFA)
  7. Customer Reviews and Feedback:

    • Look for customer reviews and feedback on various platforms. This can provide insights into customer satisfaction, common pain points, and areas where competitors excel. (WAFA)
  8. Marketing and Advertising Strategies:

    • We need to analyze the marketing and advertising strategies of key players. Consider the platforms they use, the types of content they produce, and any partnerships or collaborations. (WAFA)
  9. Customer Targeting:

    • Understand the target audience of each competitor. This includes demographics, preferences, and any niche markets they may be focusing on. (WAFA KAAN)
  10. Industry Trends:

    • Stay informed about current trends in the diamond ring market. This includes preferences in diamond shapes, settings, and any sustainable or ethical practices that may influence consumer choices. (WAFA + EZGI)
  11. Regulatory Compliance:

    • Ensure competitors are compliant with relevant regulations in the French market, especially regarding the authenticity and certification.
  12. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis:

    • Conduct a SWOT analysis for each key player, outlining their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the French diamond/diamond alternative.

Additional Considerations:

  • Market Growth:

    • Understand the overall growth trends in the French diamond market, including factors influencing demand.
  • Emerging Players:

    • Keep an eye on any emerging players or new entrants that might disrupt the market.
  • Global Economic Factors:

    • Consider global economic factors that may impact consumer purchasing behavior, such as economic downturns or upswings.








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